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Fujiyama Sexy Perfume

Fujiyama Sexy Perfume, Fujiyama Sexy Cologne, Fujiyama Sexy Perfume Body Oils, and more discounted Fujiyama Sexy fragrances by Succes De Paris for sale. Up to 85% discount, FREE Shipping on orders over $50. Shop with confidence - Fujiyama Sexy fragrances by Succes De Paris for women.

Fujiyama Sexy Perfume by Succes De Paris is a sensual, alluring fragrance adored by the women who wear it and the men who smell it. The light, fresh aroma starts with a citrus-inspired introduction with top notes of succulent orange and tart bergamot. As the citrus edge starts to fade away, it is replaced with a floral bouquet. The heart notes of romantic jasmine and rose create the sweet backdrop for many romantic nights. The base notes of Brazilian rosewood and nutmeg create an earthy, spicy finish to the otherwise sweet perfume. With this edginess, the sensual aroma is complete. Fujiyama Sexy Perfume recommended for evening wear.

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