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Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood was born in the village of Tintwistle in Glossop, Derbyshire, on April 8, 1941. This English fashion designer is considered to be the founder of the modern punk and new wave fashion movement. She taught at a primary school in North London, was married to Derek Westwood for three years, and had a son named Ben. She met Malcolm McLaren, manager for punk band The Sex Pistols, and had a son named Joseph. In 1971 McLaren decided to open a shop on King's road in London, called Let It Rock where Westwood began to sell outrageous clothing. Westwood currently owns the shop, now called World's End, which features her Anglomania label and fragrance line. Her punk style gained popularity when the Sex Pistols wore her clothing at their first gig. The punk style incorporated bondage gear, tartan plaid, black leather, safety pins, razor blades, and spiked dog collars as well as outrageous make up and 'mohawk' or shaved hairstyles. Westwood created 'shock fashion' and other, later influences in her designs have included ethnic Peruvian culture, the feminine figure, velvet and knitwear. In 2003, she joined forces with the Wedgwood pottery company to launch a tea set series featuring her designs. As of 2007, she has thrice earned the award for British Designer of the Year. Her son Joseph Corre is the founder of the lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur. Westwood continues to design fashion while expanding her company's business portfolio, including her line of fragrances. Since she creates a distinctive fragrance to stand apart from those that precede it, each one of her perfumes has a unique appeal and brand position.

She has four distinctive fragrances: Libertine, which is a light, understated floral chypre scent, the heady, distinctive Let It Rock (1998), a refined, oriental fragrance for evening called Boudoir Perfume, and the full-bodied, rich Anglomania perfume (2004). Westwood's scents are noted as being as eclectic and intriguing as her clothing designs, and equally as original. Her perfume portfolio has been well received, and continue to appeal to new generations.

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