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Tova Beverly Hills


A Norwegian American businesswoman, Wife of actor Ernest Borgnine, 'Tova Borgnine' used the face of her famous husband to show the world the effectiveness of her face cream, a formula from a family in Mexico. There was a successful result shown on her husband's face. Tova Borgnine starts to sell her products in distinguished department stores. Tova Borgnine starts to sell her products printing her own catalogs to home-shopping television channel QVC. Quickly picked up 'Tova' as a brand and became the major distributor for the products. QVC proved to be the needed boost for the brand, Tova Wellness Institute in Beverly Hills, was built from her hard work and determination with her partnership with the home shopping network.

Tova Borgnine's first face cream became so famous, later she starts beauty and spa products. The company Tova Beverly Hills has also ventured into the fragrances. The brand's premier women's fragrance was launched in 1982. Tova Signature came next, in 1983, with top notes of aldehydes and bergamot. Middle notes of lavender and jasmine. Foundation notes of musk, sandalwood & amber.

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