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Roger & Gallet


The great adventure of Roger & Gallet started in 1695. Jean-Paul Feminis, who came from Italy and settled in Cologne, claimed to have been given the secret of a unique formula for water with amazing healing properties known as Aqua Mirabilis (Eau Admirable). It was patented by the Cologne faculty of medicine in 1727 and named Eau de Cologne. In 1806, Jean-Marie Farina, the heir to the formula for Eau de Cologne, opened a perfumery business in rue Saint-Honore, Paris. He supplied the great courts of Europe. Napoleon was a wholehearted user and had a boot flask specially made for him to carry in his boot, the flask was called the 'Rouleau de l'Empereur'.

Roger & Gallet's Extra-Vieille Eau de Cologne is still made according to Jean-Marie Farina's original formula of natural citrus-fruit essences and aromatic plants. In 1862 the heirs to Maison Farina, Armand Roger, and Charles Gallet, formed a partnership which sealed the company's future. Research and creativity were their keywords. They were to modernize the perfumery universe with shapes and volumes, with olfactive innovations and creation of perfumes. Forerunners in modern cosmetics, they invented the first beauty care and make-up products (face powder and lipsticks) and they gave a new meaning to the art of toiletry. In 1879, they created the first round soap, which was violet-scented, and wrapped in the famous pleated paper and ring.

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