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Pino Silvestre


Pino Silvestre brand presence more than 80 countries, was produced by the Italian company 'Mavive'. The movie focuses on producing the same quality, freshness, and natural appeal in their fragrances as the time in the 1950s when fragrances were first introduced. The master perfumer 'Lino Vidal' is the creator of the fragrance line for 'Pino Silvestre brand'.

In 1955 the signature Pino Silvestre cologne was introduced. Men's fragrances are earthy and warm, is a blend of bergamot, lavender, pine, musk, moss, and sage and is still made in Venice. Other men's scents include Fifty, a spicy blend of coriander and nutmeg with notes of musk, clary sage, and mandarin; and Pino Blue, a cologne with scents of lemon, bergamot, watery jasmine, and marine notes. In 1996 Pino Silvestre also offers a citrusy unisex fragrance called 'Green Generation'.

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