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Paloma Picasso


Paloma Picasso has one of the most famous names in modern history. One of the most famous names in the history of art. A name that changed the world. And she wears it well. Because, alongside her enviably individual personal style, and her profound respect for and pride in her father's work, she is herself one of the world's most successful jewelry designers. An exclusive Tiffany 'name', and one of the very few jewelry names and talents recognized and acknowledged all over the world.

Paloma Picasso is a woman designing for women. Her instinctively bold and graphic style exudes a rare resonance and power. Uncompromising and unmistakable. The designer has cleverly galvanized her innate sense of form and color into mesmerizing modern 'statement' jewels that have now come to stand for a whole new approach by women to wearing jewels today. 'Women are coming up to me now and telling me how they have bought my jewelry for themselves'.

The idea of a talisman, a very powerful concept, lies behind every jewel. A jewel should be intensely personal and private, with strong emotional depth, a sense of protection, which may come simply from the fact that someone gave it to you, or that you were bought it for yourself, as an achievement. A jewel should make you think of the moments you have lived with it.

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