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Ocean Pacific


During the 1960s, Ocean Pacific, under the ownership of John Smith, began manufacturing surfboards. In 1972, however, Smith sold his shop and the OP surfboard label to Jim Jenks. Jenks' clientele made it clear to him that surfers, both in the water and on land, wanted an apparel line created specifically for their lifestyle. Jenks and the Ocean Pacific brand took on the challenge and soon became recognized as an action sports company that integrated the youthful experience of surfing, motocross racing, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and music all into a shared culture. From there, Ocean Pacific created a West Coast lifestyle with its distinctive 'OP' logo. Across the world, Ocean Pacific is the largest privately held brand in the action sports niche. The Ocean Pacific mission is to provide quality active-life clothing that offers genuine value, authenticity and style while still being affordable, and the company remains true to that pursuit through the manufacture of quality apparel, footwear, fragrances, accessories, the sponsorship and support of world-class sporting events and their participants, as well the work it continues to do with musicians and artists.

In 2001, it launched its first fragrances, Op Juice for men and Op Juice women. The notes of these fragrances range from citrus, floral and Oriental to spicy and woody, all scents that the company believes evoke sensations of outdoor existence. Ocean Pacific's fragrances are developed in collaboration with Jean-Louis Grauby, International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.

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