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Niki de Saint Phalle


Niki de Saint Phalle born in 1930 and destined to break and recreate rules, Catherine-Marie-Agnes Fal de Saint Phalle (known as Niki) had the kind of creative energy that needed more than one medium to flourish. As a self-taught French painter, sculptor and movie maker, she searched for new forms of expression and found them in her 'Shooting Paintings' and 'Nanas'. From the days of her painting the fig leaves on her school's statues red and her eloping with her young love, Niki needed to break free from the tenets of society in order to be at peace with herself. In 1961 she became famous with her Shooting Paintings, a new way of creating artwork by shooting at bags of paint on a canvas. In 1964 her Nanas were born colorful and buxom female figures symbolizing the roles of women in society. In 1979, inspired by the 'Catalan modernism of Antonio Gaud' and his 'Park Guell' she threw herself into the creation of her own 'Tarot Garden', a sculpture park in Tuscany, populated by sculptures of Tarot card symbols and opened to the public in 1998

In 1982, invited by an American company to step into a new creative field and come up with a new perfume, the artist created Niki de Saint Phalle, a fragrance described as unique, confident and intriguing, the way that its creator saw the substance of femininity. Designed for strong women who have the courage to affirm themselves, the fragrance has many faithful adepts to this day.

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