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In 1916, Myrurgia was founded by sculptor and businessman Esteve Monegal Prat. The name 'Myrurgia' is a fusion of two Greek words, Myron (aromatic balm) and Ergon (the place where something is made). In keeping with the prevalent ideology of the early 20th century, which gave art a vital role in structuring society, Esteve Monegal Prat allowed artistic traditions to infiltrate his workshops quite freely. Today, Myrurgia is owned by Puig Beauty & Fashion Group, a multinational whose activity is based in the perfumery, fashion sectors, & cosmetics.

Maja perfume launched in 1921, is classified as a flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a balanced blend of citrus, lavender, spice, and woods. Myrurgia fragrance line also includes Alegria and Fleur De Jour perfume for women. Men's fragrance offerings include Joya cologne and Yacht Man. According to a Myrurgia spokesperson it was designed 'for the urban man'.

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