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Marina De Bourbon


Embracing the regal offerings of its founder, Princess Marina de Bourbon, the design house of Marina de Bourbon provides a glimpse into the elegant lifestyle of royalty. However, the princess has not always led such a glamorous existence. Born Marina Gary, the designer struggled to achieve her current success. After surviving a hard childhood, and in order to finance her education, she took a job as an assistant to one of the most prominent hairstylists in Paris, Alexandre de Paris. It was in this role that she soon found herself mingling with many of Europe's wealthiest clientele, one of whom was her future husband, Prince of Bourbon-Parma. Since then, Marina de Bourbon has developed into an entrepreneur of great excellence. She took the European elite by storm with her passion for refined European and Eastern fusion. She built a following through her first business endeavor in interior design. Years later, in 1994, she launched the design house of Marina de Bourbon. In pursuit of a new outlet for her creative impulses, she opened a concept store on the Boulevard de Courcelles in Paris.

The princess embraces elements of her French heritage alongside the floral and fruity aromas of Bourbon-Parma. Marina de Bourbon cultivates the most elegant and vibrant fragrances money can afford and instantly transports its customers to a world of luxury with perfumes in its line such as Dynastie Mademoiselle and Asteria.

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