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Marcella Borghese


Marcella Borghese house is one fashion outlet founded by royalty. In 1958, Marcella Borghese was started by Princess Marcella Borghese of the House of Borghese in Italy. She was born Marcella Fazi and married Prince Paolo Borghese in 1942. Italian families commissioned tailor-made cosmetics using fruits and natural properties, and the princess took a similar route by incorporating those elements to make lipstick. She created various shades to match different hair colors and styles. Only two lipstick colors were available for blondes and brunettes during this period.

Marcella Borghese made a name for herself in the cosmetics world by working with Charles Revson of Revlon. In 1956, she starts a new cosmetics line. It was called Montecatini, which was named after a spa that she frequented. Her brand was one of the few that incorporated natural elements from spa therapies. The line, licensed by Revlon, was sold with Halston fragrances to Saudi investors in 1991. The cosmetics company became Halston Borghese until it was sold to American buyer Georgette Mosbacher in 2000. Mosbacher had achieved success with a previous cosmetics brand in the early 1990s, and it was she who renamed the brand Borghese and became CEO of the company. Princess Borghese remained involved with the company until her passing in 2002. The Borghese house has two fragrances, Di Borghese of 1978 and II Bacio Eau de Parfum of 1993.

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