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'Parour' founded in Paris in 1986, parant company of Lomani. Parour has outgrown its humble roots as its fragrances are now distributed to more than 90 countries. The company places an emphasis on fashion, creation and the versatility of perfume, introducing scents for both men and women that are both timeless and inspiring.

Lomani Pour Homme is the first perfume by the Lomani brand and was released in 1987. Other notable scents include Miss Lomani for women, Network for men, Si Fleuri for women and the AB Spirit line for men and women. Lomani prides itself on the flexibility and constant reinvention of its scent offerings, as well as its ageless appeal. From its scents to its packaging designs, Lomani targets a wide audience with its offerings. The brand has created a special fragrance line dedicated to the Gothic Lolita fashions of Japan. Due to the brand's multicultural appeal, Indian film star Amitabh Bachchan asked Lomani to create a signature fragrance. Iranian actress Hedieh Tehrani also approached the company with the desire to match her image with a fragrance. The motto of Lomani is 'Just Be a Star'. It is continuously creating new scents for men and women. Some of its more recent fragrances include AB Silver, Intense Black and Blue Sky for men, all launched in 2014.

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