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In 1950, designer 'Mariuccia Mandelli' and her husband 'Aldo Pinto' established Krizia, an Italian fashion design house. They named the company after Plato's fictional character Crizia, a man who spent all of his earnings on jewels and clothing for chosen women in his entourage. The name held special significance to Mandelli because she left a stable teaching position to launch her dream career in fashion, and hoped to meet many real-life men like Crizia in her own business endeavors. While Pinto ran the operational side of the business, Mandelli made a name for the design house by always keeping her eye out for fresh, new materials to inject into her designs. Her signature pleating methods, whimsical animal designs, and special attention to the shoulder designs of her women's and men's shirts eventually caught the attention of the highly competitive fashion world. Over time, the brand's offerings have expanded to include children's fashions, kitchen furniture, silverware and men's and women's fragrances.

In 1980 Krizia debuted its first women's fragrance, K de Krizia. The company then presented its first men's scent, Krizia Uomo, in 1983. As of 2014, the Krizia brand has since offered 19 women's and men's fragrances in its collection and continues to release more than 50 collections each year under its main Krizia label, as well as its secondary Krizia label, which specializes in leather goods.

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