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Kristel Saint Martin


Kristel Saint Martin is a delicate, refined fragrance brand that has released several scents for men and women. Kristel Saint Martin design house released its first fragrance, Parfum D'Or for women, in 1986. The delicate amber bottle achieved widespread success, and the brand's reputation was born. Kristel Saint Martin is created and released under parent company 'Parfums Parlor' which also owns fragrance brands Lomani, Giorgio Valenti, Vazzari and Remy LaTour. The Parisian fragrance company opened in 1986, and its innovative brands are now recognized around the world in more than 90 countries.

One of Parfums Parou's leading brands is Kristel Saint Martin, which easily fits into the company's passion for modern style and timeless elegance. 'Luxury Has a Name' is the motto of the Parisian brand, and it places a strong emphasis on quality scents and beautiful packaging. In 1995, Kristel Saint Martin released Parfum d'Homme for men, a fragrance packaged in a sleek, clear glass bottle. The brand has also released the musky KSM for men. Due to the success of the brand's first fragrance, it continues its Parfum D'Or series with Parfum D'Or Elixir and Lovely Parfum D'Or for women, both of which use a pink color scheme. The brand also released Orientalia for women, a fruity fragrance that was inspired by an Oriental blue stone that is rumored to ward off evil and bring happiness.

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