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Kiton was founded in 1968 in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone. Kiton is considered one of the most exclusive and prestigious fashion houses in the world. The company makes about 20,000 suits a year that usually cost US$5,000 - $15,000 each. All Kiton suits are completely handmade. They can be tailor-made or purchased at a small number of exclusive stores, such as Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco, California and Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

Most suits normally take about 25 hours of labor, and at least 45 tailors contributing to everyone. Kiton dress shirts are also handmade, as are Kiton's seven-fold silk neckties. A strong believer in tailoring by hand, Paone inaugurated a tailor's school in Kiton's factory in Naples. Kiton opened it's US$40 million New York flagship and showroom on West 54th Street in 2004. Like many other tailored clothing companies, Kiton has diversified in recent years to include sportswear, footwear, fragrances, furnishings, and a women's collection.

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