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Incense Oils


Fragrances for Incense and burning oils - Our INCENSE OILS are formulated for applications in which the fragrance is heated or burned in applications such as incense and burning oils used in heated diffusers. For use in diffusers, first please put a layer of water on the top of the diffuser. A few drops of the oil are then to be added to the water. As the water heats up, the oil will warm up and diffuse in the air spreading the fragrance. Putting water first prevents the oil from being heated directly and may prevent a burnt odor fragrance.

The incense stick can be fragranced by dipping them in a container of the incense oil, and then pulling them out, and letting the oil drip back into the container. Many fragrances that are from Fruit and Nature can be used for Incense oils and Burning oils.

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