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Giuliana Marchini launched the project Iceberg, the first range ever to propose the idea of fashionable sportswear. This knitwear project broke away from the patterns of the time. They started with men's wear. Knitwear revealed its many facets, it could even become a coat, with unusual colors, new manufacturing techniques, new material and Andy Warhol's Pop Art on knitted garments. Communication too turned over a new leaf Oliviero Toscani's Iceberg campaigns 'The Contemporaries' were the first in the fashion world to make use of testimonials.

Ettore Sottsass and Oliviero Toscani were the models for Iceberg's Autumn/Winter 1982-83 campaign called 'The Contemporaries'. Andy Warhol, the symbol of Pop Art par excellence, was the testimonial of Iceberg's Spring/Summer 1983 campaign. In New York, Iceberg opened a new showroom in 1991. The new Leatherwear line was conceived in 1992, entirely self-produced and the first of a wide range of accessories signed Iceberg. In 2000, Paolo Gerani was appointed a creative director of Iceberg. Ice Jeans Iceberg stepped into the picture to the rhythm of music, the singer Irene Grandi and the band Lunapop incarnated the label's pop spirit. In New York, Iceberg's showroom moved to the elegant and prestigious Townhouse in 64th Avenue in 2001.

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