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Grigio Perla


An Italian designer 'La Perla Ada Masotti' began a company 'La Perla' in 1954, utilized her skills as a corset maker to design fine lingerie and shipped her creations in red, velvet-lined jeweler's cases of the same name. The brand set itself apart with its designs in luxurious fabrics such as the Leaver's Lace made on antique looms blended with traditional Italian stitching methods such as the Florentine embroidered inlay technique. The company began its second venture by expanding its catalog to provide luxurious swimwear in the 1970s, which led to a merge with Malizia in the 1980s to attract a more youthful market.

La Perla's third venture, into the fragrance arena, brought its first perfume, Original La Perla, to the scene in 1986. The women's fragrance gave a warm earthy scent with floral and balsamic accents originally encased in a curvy bottle that paid homage to the woman's body. During this time, La Perla continued to expand its lingerie brand with its first ready-to-wear women's collection in 2002, along with the La Perla Black Label line. The company enjoyed national and international exposure by this time; La Perla had boutiques in sites visited by fashion connoisseurs worldwide such as Milan and Paris. La Perla continued to evolve as a perfume manufacturer, while still providing fragrances from its earlier editions. The company sold its rights to JH Partners in 2008, and produces its fragrances via a Morris Profumi partnership, as of 2014.

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