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Gale Hayman


Gale Hayman was the creator of the highly-successful Giorgio fragrance and co-founder of the Giorgio Beverly Hills boutique. She has worked in the fashion and style industries for over 20 years and has also dressed a variety of stars and public figures, including Barbra Streisand.

The Gale Hayman Beverly Hills line of fragrances and cosmetics now includes Hyman's signature fragrance Gale Eau De Parfum. This blend of oils, which includes lily of the valley and sandalwood, creates an elegant scent. A second fragrance launched by the company is Sunset Boulevard. In 1994, the company created its popular Delicious perfume for women. Gale Hayman has also produced fragrances for men, including So Delicious, which was released in 2003. Gale Hayman is the former wife of Fred Hayman, who is considered to be the godfather of Rodeo Drive. As the founder of the Giorgio Beverly Hills boutique, he brought exclusive luxury to what was previously a quiet main street. He entered the retail business in 1967, and later, Gale Hayman partnered with him to create a shopping atmosphere that put Los Angeles on the map as a hub for high-end fashion and style. One of its most successful fragrances ever sold, Giorgio Beverly Hills, generated more than $100 million in sales within the first four years of its 1981 release.

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