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The roots of Faberge reach all the way back to the days of Romanov Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra, and the intrigue of this luxury design house continues to this day. Peter Carl Faberge was the Russian imperial court's jeweler and goldsmith, creating the iconic imperial Easter eggs and a number of other exquisite pieces. Faberge's artistic brilliance attracted the attention of royalty, nobility and incredibly wealthy patrons from Moscow, London, Paris and beyond. When the Russian Revolution ended the great Romanov dynasty in 1917, Faberge and his family fled Russia. Although all of their workshops and pieces were seized, Eugene and Alexander Faberge opened a design house in Paris in 1922. A legal dispute in 1951 took away the family's right to sell designs under their own name, but the family's design house was reunited with the Faberge name in 2007. The brand was re-launched with several new jewelry lines in 2009.

Faberge's primary focus continues to be intricate, lavish jewelry and timepieces made with precious stones. However, since 1938, Faberge has introduced more than 20 fragrances for men and women. Aphrodisia and Tigress for women are two of the design house's first fragrances, released in 1938. The line of Brut fragrances for men also became immensely popular. The perfumers Yves Cassar and Karl Mann collaborated with Faberge to bring these enticing scents to the public.

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