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Caron is a French perfume house founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff who, without any formal training in perfumery, created one of the most successful houses in fragrance history. Hired in 1906 to be the company's artistic adviser, Felicie Wanpouille, a former dressmaker, was responsible for bottle and package design. It was Wanpouille who ran Caron when Daltroff, who was Jewish, fled to the United States to escape persecution. Daltroff never returned to Europe and passed away in 1947 leaving Caron in the care of Wanpouille until her death in 1967.

It is said that Daltroff had an unrevealed love for Wanpouille who became his muse and that this relationship is what fuelled many of the beautiful fragrances from Caron. The house of Caron continues to offer many of the original fragrances conceived during the time of Daltroff, of which many retain the packaging styled from days past. Caron was the first to introduce the Crystal Fountain in its boutiques in the 1980s where patrons can fill and refill their perfume bottle of choice directly from the golden taps.

Narcisse Noir was the first fragrance from Caron to garner any attention. Released in 1911 this timeless scent is a rich orange blossom floral on a bed of gentle musks. Bellodgia from 1927 is another favorite and is meant to represent a field of carnations bathed in sunlight. Other popular Caron perfumes are Aimez Moi, Nuit de Noel, and the Eaux de Caron series. Men's colognes include L'Anarchiste, Caron Pour Homme and Le 3e Homme de Caron.

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