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Brut Black Cologne

Brut Black Cologne, Brut Black Perfume, Brut Black Perfume Body Oils, and more discounted Brut Black fragrances by Faberge for sale. Up to 85% discount, FREE Shipping on orders over $50. Shop with confidence - Brut Black fragrances by Faberge for men.

Brut Black Cologne by Faberge is a classic masculine fragrance. Brut Black Cologne's earthy masculine notes meet the tangy scent of lemon and bergamot The distinctive essence of brut black continues to capture attention by combining woodsy and citrus notes with the peppery sweetness of basil and licorice-like anise, along with subtle floral notes of lavender. The result is a sensual, masculine fragrance with tangy and spicy notes that appeals to the senses. Brut Black Cologne can use any time.

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