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Aqua Fahrenheit Cologne

Aqua Fahrenheit Cologne, Aqua Fahrenheit Perfume, Aqua Fahrenheit Perfume Body Oils, and more discounted Aqua Fahrenheit fragrances by Christian Dior for sale. Up to 85% discount, FREE Shipping on orders over $50. Shop with confidence - Aqua Fahrenheit fragrances by Christian Dior for men.

Aqua Fahrenheit Cologne by was showcased by Dior in 2011. A wonderful meeting of fire and water elements. Aqua Fahrenheit promises you a brand new, adventurous experience. Fire and water elements crackle together to create a uniquely fragrant and exhilarating ambiance. An essentially masculine fragrance, it calls out to your adventurous side and invites you to shed your inhibitions and soar free. The perfume starts on the cool freshness of water but takes on a stunning and fiery persona. The opening notes are invigorating and citrusy with fresh tangerine and grapefruit. The beauty of the heart lies in the deep and sensual violet notes delicately flavored with basil and mint. The fragrance concludes with vetiver from Haiti and leather.

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