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Antonio Banderas


Born Jose Antonio Banderas in 1960, actor Antonio Banderas has established a stage reputation as a charismatic Latin heartthrob through his work in Robert Rodriguez's Desperado (1995), Johnston McCauley's The Mask of Zorro (1998), and Original Sin (2001) with Angelina Jolie. Antonio Banderas fragrances mirror this character. Since 1997, Banderas has worked with Barcelona-based, family-owned fashion and fragrance business Puig to develop his fragrance line.

In line with his Hollywood reputation, Antonio Banderas perfumes evoke passion and romance and have names to match. The first of the brand, Diavolo, is Antonio Banderas cologne for men that launched with wild success in Chile, Argentina, Russia, and Spain. This masculine and provocative perfume, a balanced blend of citrus and green leaf top notes, spicy and floral middle notes, and leather and wood base notes, remains a favorite.
The aptly named Seduction series includes both Antonio Banderas perfume for her and cologne for him. The line makes heavy use of citrus, spice, and musk to craft these intoxicating scents, delivering elegance, energy, and brightness that can be applied at any time of day. The enlivening and intense Seduction in Black from this series was named a 2010 FiFi Fragrance of the Year.

The more recent Secret line, like Seduction, draws on the alluring aromas of citrus and spice with the addition of more peppery and floral notes. For more neutral evening wear, look to the earlier Spirit series: The sweet and spicy original Spirit cologne won at the FiFi Awards in 2005 for good reason. The Secret colognes offer elegant balances of sweet and fresh, warm and spicy, with a strength that is potent without overpowering.

Most of the men's colognes have counterparts of Antonio Banderas perfume for her. Though focused more on Antonio Banderas cologne for men, the brand's line for women maintains the quality of Antonio Banderas fragrances to deliver a sensuous symphony of scents that range from fruity and casual to spicy and passionate. Exploring this charismatic line, every woman should be able to find a sexy perfume that appeals to her senses and style.

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