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Molinard founded in 1849 in Grasse in the Provence region of southern France, has remained an entirely family-run business right through to the present day. Molinard originally manufactured Eaux de Fleurs (flower-scented waters) and Eau de Colognes that were then sold in its small store in the Grasse town. In 1860, two new Molinard perfumes are introduced in the French Market 'Jasmin' & 'Rose', later followed by 'Mimosa' & 'Violette', in sober, elegant crystal bottles by Baccarat. The Maison was expanded in 1900. A factory, whose structure was designed by Gustave Eiffel, equally the designer of the Famous Paris Tower, is built on the edge of the town. A typically 'Provencal style' showroom is created and receives Maison's first customers, rich English and Russian visitors who come to admire a magnificent collection of 17th and 18th-century furniture and buy Molinard Eaux de Colognes as well as its floral perfumes.

In 1921, Molinard creates two products that are still popular even today. 'Habanita 'the perfume for cigarettes' which in 1924 becomes 'the world's most long-lasting perfume'. This is followed by 'Concreta', the world's first compact perfume, in which 'natural flower wax is used directly as a perfume'. Encouraged by its success, the Maison engages the services of the famous master glassmaker Rene Lalique, who creates and signs for Molinard the stunningly beautiful bottles 'Iles d'Or' in 1930, 'Madrigal' in 1930 and 'Le Baiser du Faune' in 1932.

In the thirties, the Baccarat crystal workshops create and produce for Molinard the perfume bottles for '7 diamonds in the Crown', 'Christmas Bell', 'Habanita', 'Le Parfum des Parfums', etc. 1935-1945, World War Two was difficult times. Molinard invents 'the Prisoner's parcel' to bring comfort to French prisoners of war. In 1949 Molinard is 100 years old. A magnificent opuscule is edited and printed by Draeger containing photos of the most beautiful perfume bottles by Lalique, Baccarat and other famous master glassmakers of the period. Even today, this little book can still be found for sale at huge prices by antique booksellers.

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