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Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain was born in 1798. In 1828 he opened up his first perfume store in Paris and thus, began the House of Guerlain. Along with his two sons, he created customized scents for the French aristocracy and quickly built an unparalleled reputation as a master perfumer. With the support and patronage of his clients, he launched his flagship store in 1840 and changed the Parisian fashion scene forever.

Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, produces some of the finest fragrances with distinctive confection aromas encased in equally distinctive designed perfume bottles. One of its oldest and still most popular women's perfumes is Jicky, said to be the first fragrance to combine both natural and synthetic ingredients, the latter creating its staying power. The latest debut of feminine scents is Insolence, a perfume for the care-free spirit. For men, there are notable scents such as Heritage and Velvetier. Pairing with its female counterpart, L'Instant De Guerlain, is L'Instant De Guerlain, Pour Homme. In addition to its fragrances, Guerlain also produces a range of makeup and skincare products. Four generations and over 300 fragrances later, the role of master perfumer has gone to Jean-Paul Guerlain. However, as his retirement draws near and with no apparent heir to continue the family business, the next master perfumer will most likely come from the outside. The House of Guerlain was managed and operated solely by family members from 1828 to 1994. LMVH, a multinational investment company of luxury brands, acquired Guerlain and has since reformulated some of its classic scents due to health safety issues in 1994.

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