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Day Off Cologne

Day Off Cologne, Day Off Perfume, Day Off Perfume Body oils, and more discounted Day Off fragrances by Parfums J A for sale. Up to 85% discount, FREE Shipping on orders over $50. Shop with confidence - Day Off fragrances by Parfums J A for men.

Day Off Cologne is launched in 1999. This cologne opens with a burst of clean mint, instantly rejuvenating the body, and mind with its cool, herby aroma. The gentle floral tone of lavender clears the head, adding a sweet, flowery aroma that ends in a hint of woodiness. Savory amber completes the scent motif, adding richness to the earlier plants, and filling the fragrance with a musky, but subtle sensuality. The cologne is meant for long, lazy afternoons of leisure, and daydreams. Day Off Cologne is recommended for daytime wear.

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