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Agent Provocateur


Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994 in London by Joseph Corre and his former wife Serena Rees. It was at the start a shop that sold high-end women's lingerie. Tired of the drab "prudish" British undergarments that were commonly available to women, Rees came up with the idea to start a store featuring the best lingerie from around the world. After their exhaustive search did not yield enough garments to their liking, Corre, the son of designer Vivienne Westwood, and Rees decided to create their own brand.

As Agent Provocateur developed a strict confidentiality agreement to protect their patrons, the brand has been well received by the celebrity class and in turn, uses celebrity models for their advertising. After Agent Provocateur was sold in 2007 after the couple's split, the new owners expanded the store to over 30 locations in 13 countries.

Agent Provocateur released their first fragrance in 2000. Their self titled women's perfume is a very sharp and provocative scent which combines exotic elements from around the world. Housed in a simple pink egg-shaped bottle, the visual presentation of the signature fragrance from Agent Provocateur provides a definite contrast to the contents within. For the not so adventurous Eau Emotionelle maybe the scent to start with as this lighter version of Agent Provocateur essentially captures the essence of the original perfume but on a gentler scale. Another popular scent is the sweet and sexy Maitresse. Though not as bold as the launch perfume, Maitresse is still able to hold its own.

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