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The House Of Caron was founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff, and he was soon joined by Madame Felicie. In 1939, Mr Daltroff fled to America to escape persecution during WW2, and Felicie officially took over the management of the company until her retirement at the age of 92 in 1962. Parfums Caron remains a genuine fragrance house to this day, which is a distinction very few companies claim. Caron is not only one of the few great Paris houses to remain entirely devoted to fragrance, but is also one of the remaining perfume houses to still have an in-house 'nose', Monsieur Fraysse, who is also known as a master perfumer. Caron is the only perfume house that is perfume oriented as opposed to fashion. Globally lauded for pure essence blends encased in luxurious flacons, Parfums Caron offers 34 perfumes, which include 13 boutique fragrances, for both men and women.

Joined professionally and personally, the collaboration between Daltroff and Felicie created numerous successful scents, including Narcisse Noir in 1911, the floral Bellodgia in 1927, Fleurs de Rocaille and Lady Caron in 1933, and Pour Un Homme in 1934. Other noted fragrances include Nuit de Noel, Infini in 1970, Pour Une Femme De Caron, Nocturnes de Caron in 1981, Aimez Moi in 1996, and Parfum Sacre. Two of the most popular fragrances are Royal Bain De Caron Perfume (1941) and the everyday fragrance, Muguet Du Bonheur Perfume. In 1998 Patrick Ales, chairman and owner of the Ales Groupe, purchased the renowned house of Caron, fulfilling a personal, lifelong desire. His track record of providing only the highest quality beauty products syncs well with the fine fragrances of Caron. Caron's boutiques in Paris and New York are especially lauded due to their timeless elegance and perfume urns. The fragrance urns permit small samples or vials to be filled on the spot, and infuses the Caron experience with a sense of timelessness and sophistication that sets it apart from the department store experience. The Caron boutiques with their ornamental urns also ensure quality and freshness, and guarantee that the fragrance will be presented in the best possible manner 'which leaves consumers feeling that they have been granted special treatment.

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