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Byblos established in 1973, has been home to the creative genius of Gianni Versace (1977-1979), Guy Paulin (1979-1982), Keith Varty and Allen Cleaver (1981-1996), Richard Tyler and John Bartlett. Designers from the Versace brand continued to contribute to Byblos before Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver took over as head designers. They continued creating colorful and modern designs that provided customers with a young and joyful feel, along with elegant designs that pay homage to cultures around the world.

The designs of Byblos were eagerly received by the public, and the company successfully entered into the fragrance with Byblos for Women in 1990. Presented in a regal bottle, the fragrance begins with fruity elements with a flowery middle and a woody and musk base. Byblos Uomo, a fragrance for men, was created in 1993. This fragrance was a continuation of the successful women's perfume, but came encased in an all-black bottle and provided wearers with an aromatic blend of lime, lemon, violet leaf and bergamot. After the success of its first two fragrances, Byblos released a string of fragrances in 1997, including the women's fragrances Cielo, Fuoco, Mare and Terra. Byblos continues to create innovate fragrances with perfumers such as Llias Ermendis, Anne-Sophie Chapius, IF, Guillaume Flavigny, Violane David and others. Byblos presented an updated version of its first men's fragrance, Byblos Uomo in 2011

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